Who are we ?

Edhiafa is an association created in 2011 by hospitality accommodation owners in Tunisia. Driven by the desire to encourage the so-called “alternative” tourism focused on the traveler as an individual rather than group tourism, and offering a customized  offer in harmony with the environment, heritage, culture and the wellbeing of those involved


Tunisia now has around 1000 small hospitality accommodations, all categories combined. A large part are professionals such as accommodation which offer a stay with locals such as guest rooms or lodges. There are also very small hotel units such as boutique hotels or even camps that offer an experience in the heart of nature. There are also seasonal rentals that meet the demand of individuals.

Members of Edhiafa network are concerned with contributing to their fair and sustainable environment they are in.

Why edhiafa.com?

Edhiafa.com is a platform that  highlights the strengths of small structures allowing them to have more visibility and grow their impact.

Edhiafa.com is a federation of all small hospitality units in Tunisia, united around one vision despite their diversity in their offer and locations specifications, hence presenting all what Tunisia has to offer without compensating on ethics, fair pay and harmony with ecosystem they are in.  

This platform helps travelers find the accommodation that suits them, to help accommodation through a  common tool and to offer an exhaustive listing of offers on Tunisian territory.

Edhiafa.com is supported by the European Union, through EBRD

Edhiafa is a non-profit association. The operating costs are participatory and completely transparent. Edhiafa network members are all sustainable and fair accommodation!

Our values


In harmony with the local environment, respectable of heritage and culture of Tunisia


Participat in local socio-economic development.


Respectful of regulations, rules and individuals


Honestly and sincerely